GCCTM Newsletter

March 2015 Edition

Upcoming GCCTM Honors Banquet

When: 6:30pm, April 21, 2015

Where: Brick Street Cafe (directly across the street from Greenville Senior High) –

Parking: Behind and adjacent to the venue

Cost: Tickets $25 Dinner, Speaker, and Student Recognition

Checks payable to GCCTM (reservation form separate attachment) due Fri April 10

Attention: Sara Beth Kripinski

Beck Academy • 901 Woodruff Road • Greenville, SC 29607

Keynote Speaker

Kevin Hutson has always been interested in applying mathematics to the real world. After earning a masters degree, he worked for a manufacturing company as an operations research analyst trying to help them build a new and efficient manufacturing plant and warehouse. After the plant's successful completion, Dr. Hutson gave up this industrial career to pursue mathematics because he wanted to investigate problems on a deeper level and pursue teaching. However, Dr. Hutson never quite lost the itch to apply his work to a real-world setting and to show students the applications of what they are learning. So, today, whether it's in his classes, research, or consulting projects, Dr. Hutson tries to involve students not only in theoretical study or mathematics but also in how it is used in the real world.

Important Test Dates

ACT Aspire – Math – Grades 3, 4, 5 – Thursday, April 30

ACT Aspire – math – Grades 6, 7, 8 – Thursday, April 30

The ACT – Math – Grade 11 – Tuesday, April 28

ACT WorkKeys – Grade 11 – Wednesday, April 29

AP Calculus - Tuesday May 5 (Morning)

AP Statistics - Wednesday May 14 (Afternoon)


Greenville County Council for Teachers of Mathematics is an organization that promotes professional growth and student achievement for all GCSD math teachers.

GCCTM Officers


Linda Manley, President

Jennifer Southers, President-Elect

Patricia Rhoney, Past President

Chris Beyerle, Newsletter

Daniel Wilkie, NCTM Representative

Faith Deaver, Vice-President of Elementary School (Primary)

Amy Parker, Vice-President of Elementary School (Intermediate)

Nanette Davis, Vice-President of Middle School

Margie Gustafson, Vice-President of High School

Sara Beth Kripinski, Treasurer

Cathy Hale, Adviser

Valerie Muller, Adviser

Gay Durham, Secretary

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