Influencing Skills and Strategies
Chapter 12

Lori Streu, Ed. S./LPC

Using the "Logical Consequences" Style of Thinking

Steps in the Session...
1. LISTEN to client
2. GENERATE alternatives

*The client should lead the brainstorming...
*Co doesn't want to problem solve
*Cl then OWNS decisions
**work harder
**no blame on CO

3. SORT OUT pros and cons
4. SUMMARIZE options (including negative consequences)

It sounds like...

Problem: I think I may want to leave my wife.

*What may happen?
*How might it be if you stay? How about if you leave?
*What further negatives can you think of?
*What further positives can you think of?
*What do you want to do?

Offering Advice...

*CL must ask for it
*must have good rapport
*Co must be willing to give it
*understand there are risks
*always use a check out

Handout on Advice
"Give a Man a Fish..."


*Co tells client what to do
**Develop new story/behavior
**Think in new ways
**Co must be clear and direct

*Good when working on...
**social skills
**thought stopping