Eric Shelton of Texas - Herding Cows and Horses

Eric Shelton of Texas is an experienced businessman and the owner of an oil well maintenance and repair company. He enjoys his work, but also has other areas of interest that fall far from his professional life. Eric Shelton is a person who favors the values found in hard work, and spends much time ranching and rearing stable animals including cows and horses.

Eric Shelton Texas has always respected and appreciated animals and enjoys spending an afternoon overseeing for the care of his cows and horses on the ranch. Cattle ranching can be a successful business for the smaller operations, but most of time profits in this industry aren’t measured by big bank accounts, enormous homes, or fancy cars. Instead, a successful operation can mean that there is enough money left over to pay property taxes and sustain the herd and operations year after year. Before going into the business, there are a few things the person will need.

First, you need to find out where you are going to purchase the cattle. Some recommend buying weaned calves or feeder cattle that are somewhat older. Reading through a local newspaper, or checking with local farming organizations and extensions can be great resources for finding a few head or advertising. They also can suggest the type of cattle that are good based on your particular situation and the type of land. Local auctions are a perfect place to start.

Make sure to keep an eye on the pasture. Is it green and healthy in the springtime, but drier in the late summer. Don’t think your land is bigger than your herd. Also be sure Make sure to be familiar with the types of grasses and plant life on your land. Other important aspects of cattle ranching include: Appropriate shelter, hay and a good water supply.

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