1. Jordans
2. Nikes
3. Crocs
4. Polo
5. Footlocker

Top 3 😍
1. Jordan's

I keep shopping for Jordan's because I like the prices and the designs of the shoes I buy. If I were to ever stop shopping for Jordan's the reason why i stopped buying them were if they didn't come in my size or in designs I like.

2. Nike's 😍

I continue to shop at Nike because they satisfy me with their products. If I ever decided to stop shopping at Nike the reason would be if they only sold their products in kids.

For the 3rd favorite is crocs. Their shoes aren't expensive. Also they are extremely comfortable. I haven't got my first pair yet. All my friends are telling me to get a pair cause they are really comfortable and cheap.

All the logos to the brands I like are very unique and all show the reason or purpose for the logo being what it is. Like Jordan made his logo after a remember able dunk he did.