Dark Gloomy Day

She was a talented woman says the rusty old trophies,

In the corner of the dark hallway,

She was a reader says the worn out books,

on a shelf in the upstairs room,

The worry lines in her brow says that,

Not every day is an easy day,

The calluses on her fingers says that,

She writes a lot

She lived with a child says the broken toys,

IN the living room,

She stayed forever in her room says the locked door,

In the upstairs corner,

She was a frightened girl says her father,

In the down stairs room drinking hot cocoa,

She suspected a rainbow coming says the rain,

On a dark gloomy day,

She had never been this afraid during a storm says her dusty, worn out dairy,

In her nightstand by her bed,

In the end she felt safe says her father,

Who came to her room to comfort her

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