Rocks Untamed!

By: Marcus Myvett 8th Hour Science

Igneous Rock

Obsidian: A common igneous rock

The igneous rock, or should I say rocks because they are formed everyday. The igneous rock is a new rock formed by magma. It is new to the Earth, since it was just created. The igneous rock can be a crystal, or a rock with crystals embedded into it. All rock starts as an igneous rock. You can identify an igneous rock by it's texture. The two texture's igneous rocks have a glassy texture and and vesicular(has holes in it because of the bubbles the magma or lava has). Igneous rocks are formed every minute.  Some So next time you look a rock, you now know how to identify if it's an igneous rock.

Sedimentary Rock

Coal: A sedimentary rock used for many purposes.

The sedimentary rocks started as different rocks. The sedimentary rock is formed when rocks are pressed up together and cemented because of little air, space and being pressed together, to eventually form one rock. Some modern examples of sedimentary rock's are:

-The Grand Canyon



Now, you know the bare minimum and some more about Sedimentary rocks!

Metamorphic Rocks

Schist: A beautiful metamorphic rock.

A metamorphic rock isn't just called metamorphic for fun, it's for a reason. The metamorphic rock is like the sedimentary rock, except it is more melted and much stronger and tougher. The metamorphic rock is formed when sedimentary rocks start to get buried deep underground, like 20,000 Leagues Under The Sea, but 20,000 Leagues Under The Earth. As they sink deeper into the Earth, they heat up with the extra pressure and begin to melt more. That is how the metamorphic rock is formed. Some common examples of metamorphic rocks are:







Now you know everything about the 3 rock types, or most of it. So, Thanks for reading!