ODU Boom & Tackk Event

A couple weeks ago Tackk.com and Boommovement.com hosted a campus wide competition to promote both companies and encourage students at Old Dominion University to become more involved with Tackk. The contest was rather simple, and the prizes were well worth the effort to enter. Students at ODU were required to create a Tackk.com profile (either at home or with me) and then Tackk about ODU in someway.

I teamed up with the ODU Boom campus representative by providing products from both our companies and setting up a live table on campus. The table was stationed right outside our main university building. This area contains the most traffic from students and was a prime opportunity to talk to people walking to class and those who were merely relaxing on the warm Friday. I had a computer and an Ipad set up with examples of different types of Tackks that people could observe and toy with. Throughout the two hours I was outside, I talked to many different people and showed them what Tackk was all about and how it could relate to their personal life. Majority of the people I talked to were very interested and showed signs of future interest.

This was an awesome step for Tackk on the ODU campus and I am looking forward to making the next Tackk event even better than before!

Boom/Tackk Winners

1st place - goes to user "tackkandboombaby" for creating an impressive and intricate tackk. This tackk was chosen primarily because of the amount of effort that he/she put into creating it. There are several graphs containing information about the local ODU community. He/she also implemented many different functions available when creating a Tackk . Congrats!

2nd place - goes to "MikeNDales" for the simplicity and creativity of his tackk. This tackk not only promoted an ODU event, but it also promoted the users art. He combined the two in a simple format to capture the essence of tackk and how simple it can be used to portray bigger messages. Good job

1st Place Prize

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