Free Verse Poems

Free Verse Poetry is an open form of poem. It follows the rhythm of natural speech. A free verse is no entirely free because it follows a form of verse. I t does not use consistent rhyme or patterns. It is a fun kind of poetry.

Life By Daniel Nairn

Freeverse, mostly
Jumble of actions
Mostly thoughtless, directionless,
Hardly worth noting or reading but
Some precious moments writ
in swift o'er haiku
Like breathless nature sights.
These pierce gray clouds and smog
With beams of bright fire
Or cold spheres fall for growth.
And some formality exists to give
A structure to my life; a meaning found
Such purpose, depth I love and yet I'm bound
I, in these tight restraints, in tension live
This fence keeps in the good so in I stay
Until I tire and leap beyond the walls back into freeverse
Which, as I said,

Is the greater mass of my life.