Type 1 Diabetes

Hi, I'm Lenny the lion and I'm here to teach you about type 1 diabetes! I was diagnosed when I was a cub. Type 1 diabetes is a hereditary disease that causes t cells to attack your pancreas, a gland that produces insulin (insulin is a hormone that controls sugar levels in the bloodstream). If your blood glucose is to high your body produces a hormone called keytones. This causes you to drink lots of water in order to go to the bathroom to get rid of the keytones. If your blood glucose is low then you get to eat a snack that is 15 carbs, after 15 minutes you would test your blood glucose again to make sure you are ok. If your blood glucose is still low you just repeat the process.

This is a T Cell. T Cells are in your body to help kill cells that are infected by diseases like cancer. It also kills cells infected by viruses and bacteria to stop the diseases caused by bacteria and viruses from spreading. My T Cells attack my pancreas to stop it from producing enough insulin to maintain my blood glucose and keep it at a normal level. This is why I am diagnosed with type 1 diabetes.

Nick Jonas was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes at the young age of 6

Actress Halle Berry has type 1 diabetes as well. She went into a diabetic coma while filming Living Dolls and was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes.

Mary Tyler Moore also has type 1 diabetes. She was diagnosed at age 30 when she was hospitalized for having a miscarriage.

Type 1 diabetes cannot be prevented since it's genetic and you cannot get rid of it, but you can treat it. You can treat type 1 diabetes by testing your blood glucose often, taking insulin shots or if you have the pump you would enter the amount of carbs you eat and it will calculate the amount of insulin you take automatically,  balancing diet and exercise, and doing your very best to maintain a steady glucose.

The big dilemma with diabetes is that there are so many who struggle to maintain a healthy lifestyle when living with diabetes. There are many people who die of diabetes related issues every day. Researchers are trying to come up with a cure for it and many have high hopes for the future. Researchers are working on a cure using two pills that when taken for a time span of one month, can eliminate diabetes permanently. So far this method has worked in mice, but there are high hopes because this could hold the key to a treatment for people with type one diabetes.

Diabetes comes with symptoms before diagnosis, they are the tell tell signs of diabetes. If you have some of these symptoms that doesn't necessarily mean you have diabetes. If you have all of these symptoms you should contact your doctor right away.

1) Tiredness/Grouchiness

2) Difficulty sleeping or getting to sleep

3) Constant thirst

4) Constant urination/Odd smelling urine

5) Underweight no matter how many calories consumed daily

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