Growing through Faith and Knowledge

Art work proposal for Geier Hall


The theme we are trying to represent is "growth," not only in an academic way but in a spiritual way. The 5 pieces were designed with this central idea in mind. Each art work represents a different aspect of growth in an indivual. We have identified 5 different locations in the new building that we feel would be best suited for these pieces. Below you will find our rough sketches and ideas for each piece. As a group we developed each of these ideas and are currently working independently on the individual pieces. Please review our proposal for adding permanent works for Geier Hall. We would love your feedback.

Thank you,

Advanced Studio Art Students

Art work 1
"Growing through Grace"

Through my piece I have decided to draw hands in sign language to spell the word, "grace." Symbolically the hands represent people reaching out to help others through grace. Unlike my original sketches I plan to paint the hands using a variation of the color green to match the chairs in the Student Commons. I am debating whether to do mixed media or splatter paint for the hands. Due to the horizontal nature of this piece I felt this piece would fit nicely in this space. The message of my piece is throughout our lives we grow with God through his grace.

Size: 22" x 87"         Location: Stairway/Student Commons            Artist: Lindsey Odom

Art work 2
Tree of Knowlegde

This piece is a representation of the tree of knowledge. The rays of light coming out of the tree symbolizes how learning and gaining knowledge helps individuals shine in their society. This piece is inspired by Roy Lichtenstein’s work as I wanted to use his technique to give the tree a more modern pop look. I believe this piece would fit best in the front office as it would illuminate the plain walls but will still incorporate the modern look of the building. The color palette would consist of greens varying in shade, a blue, and some warmer colors such as pink/red and yellow/orange that would brighten up the office.

Size: 33" x 45.5 "                  Location: Main Office Wall                Artist: Almudena Prieto

Art work 3
"Individual Growth in Full Bloom"

I decided to draw this sketch, mainly being flowers to go along with the theme of growth within Mount Pisgah. The flowers grow and blossom into beautiful beings that are all different in their own way, just as we do at Mount Pisgah. The environment and people here enable us to become the best individuals that we can be not only spiritually, but academically. The space I would like to use is on the main level by the LEC. I chose to do the entire painting black and white with just two main focal points using the blue that is seen throughout the building.

Size: sizes noted              Location:  1st floor hallway                         Artist: Piper Broadus

Art work 4
"Beautifully Grown "

This piece connects to our theme of growth because the tree was once small but now it was grown into something beautiful just like how we grow through Christ. This piece will be located on the teal wall of the study room between the LEC and the college counseling office. The organic structure of this painting will complement the similarly organic look of the LEC. I used the bright colors in the furniture of the LEC and throughout Geier Hall as inspiration for my color choices. My hope for this artwork is that students will see it while they study and be inspired to grow spiritually and creatively.

Size: 33" x 45.5 " Location: ELC   Artist: Heather MacKay

Artwork 5
"Reflection of Growth"

This piece was designed to show reflection of growth. Over time, people look back on what they have achieved and how they have grown. This painting shows a tree being reflected in an eye. In the painting, the tree symbolizes how people started out as a small tree, than later develop into a beautiful tree. Everyone grows with the guidance of their faith, school, and community. With the proper structure of a supporting culture of people, students later on in life will be able to look back and appreciate how they have grown with the strong foundation that was laid out for them. Private schools are given the privilege to not only guide students through their academic journeys, but also their spiritual journeys. Christians appreciate trees because they symbolize life and knowledge. A reflection of a tree in someones eye, shows how they have grown throughout their lives spiritually and academically.

Size:  24" x 18"  Location:  2nd floor - Head of Schools' Office    Artist: Emma MacAfee

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