A Plan B



I struggled with myself and those awkward tendencies to defend “my country” and “my army” with alarming zealotry. I drifted away from Israel, first to Los Angeles and finally to New York. The move stilted my writing for nearly a year; my American characters were fake, they lacked convincing histories and the English in their mouths was synthetic, the product of watching a language on a screen and reading it in books but never living it. I’d never wanted to write in English but I decided that since I was living out a few years of my life there I might as well cultivate my English language skills. It wouldn’t hurt to have a secondary language to fall back on, a “plan b”.

This story above shows how a young girl gave up every thing to protect herself and others just because she was different or in other words stood out more then other her best friend Gil knew there was something special about her soon she notice to