Chicken Poems

By Braxton, Chase, and Eli



A chicken listens

Head tilted, waiting to hear

The footsteps of lunch.


I’m a basic boneless chicken,
Yes, I have no bones inside,
I’m without a trace of ribcage,
Yet I hold myself with pride,
Other hens appear offended by my total lack of bones,
They discuss me impolitely
In derogatory tones.

I am absolutely boneless,
I am boneless through and through,
I have neither neck nor thighbones,
And my back is boneless too,
And I haven’t got a wishbone,
Not a bone within my breast,
So I rarely care to travel
From the comfort of my nest.

I have feathers fine and fluffy,
I have lovely little wings,
But I lack the superstructure
To support these splendid thing.
Since a chicken finds it tricky
To parade on boneless legs,
I stick closely to the hen house,

Laying little scrambled eggs.

Free Verse:

I hate to admit this, brother, but there are timesWhen I’m eating fried chickenWhen I think about nothing else but eating fried chicken,When I utterly forget about my family, honor and country,The various blood debts you owe me,My past humiliations and my future crimes—Everything, in short, but the crispy skin on my fried chicken.


Chickens here, Chickens there,

Chickens cluck-clucking everywhere,.

Dinner time, Dinner table,

Now considered biologically stable

Concrete: Let's you visualize what the topic of the poem is, in this case it's chickens.

Haiku: The Pattern is 5 in the first.

Ballad: It is a songlike poem.

Free Verse: It has no center structure.

Limerick: It's a very humorous poem. aabba

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