My Door


If I could have a magic door my magic door would be made out of copper, I would choose copper because it is shiny and if anything tries to break the door down, it would leave a massive dent in it but it wouldn’t break . My magic door would take me to the over side of the fell zone so I wouldn’t need to go through fell zone, and face the fell dragons! I imagine that there would be a beach on the over side filled with serpents of Dawn. I want the copper door to take me somewhere away from dawn so I wouldn’t need to face the angry animals or serpents. On the island far away from weld I would call it The Island of Adventure!

On The Island of Adventure the only living things would be me, the trees, types of dogs, and some people that would always help me. I would call them the jersey people, because in winter they would always be wearing some sort of jumper. They would keep me company so I wouldn’t get lonely when I’m on The Island of Adventure. The jersey people would get me food because they always like to look after people, whether they're orphans of their kind, or pets, so I would never starve and they would get me the freshest of water from their mountains.

The Jersey people may appear to look the same to humans but there are very different. They have a tail that can be very helpful for what their job is. For example if you work at a place where you need to use a knife they simply sharpen their tail and cut with that. There face and body would look like a smaller version of humans! There hands and feet would be webbed to help them swim faster. Thier skin could be able to change colour at will so they can blend in with their surroundings.

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