Mike Tyson

Born June. 30 1966- Present

By: Chris P.

Five Unique Facts

  1. Record for youngest boxer to win WBC, WBA, IBF championship. Age: 20 years 4 months
  2. His first knockout took 91 seconds
  3. Comes from prison and wins WBC and WBA championship.
  4. Had bankruptcy in 2003
  5. One of Tyson's PPV fights sold to 1.52 million home.

Mike's Early Childhood

Small and shy, Tyson was often the target of bullying.  He began developing his own style of street fighting, which ultimately transitioned into criminal activity. His gang, known as the Jolly Stompers, assigned him to clean out cash registers while older members held victims at gunpoint. He was only 11 years old at the time. He frequently ran into trouble with police over his criminal activities. By the age of 13, he had been arrested more than 30 times.

Family Members Important to Mike's Life

  1. Exodus (daughter)
  2. Monica Turner (1st wife)
  3. Lakiha Spicer (2nd wife)
  4. Robin Givens (3rd wife)
  5. Jimmy Kirkpatrick (step father)

Significant Events

  1. Exodus dies
  2. Remarrying twice
  3. Appearing on Ellen
  4. Fighter of the Year


  1. Inducted to WWE Hall of Fame
  2. 1986-1988 Fighter of the Year
  3. Junior Olympics quickest K.O 8 seconds
  4. At 16 won Junior Olympics Gold medal
  5. At 19 he won his first professional boxing match

The theme of Mike Tyson's Life was...

We create our own destiny

I figured this out when Mike made his life at the peak when he had a terrible childhood.

He was the number one greatest boxer in sports entertainment, and it is not because of his dad. He didn't have a dad growing up just his mom, step dad, and himself. Then when he went to jail for 6 years and came back making his way back to the top and people still loved him even though again he went to jail and managed to get to the top.

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