451 Theme Connection to "The Veldt"

                                                  By: Morgan Jones & Suzanne Wright

Connection to a Poem

In the poem, Technology Sucks, the author suggests that being overly consumed in technology can lead to loneliness, an extreme reliance on technology, and unhappiness This directly relates to " The Veldt" because the family's attachment to their household technology results in their unhappiness and causes death.

Connection to a Current Event


In the article "Not getting enough sleep a dangerous thing", Dr. Brian Santiago, suggests that our devotion to technology results in an unhealthy lifestyle and sleep pattern. REM sleep is the deepest and most rejuvenating sleep and it is hard to reach because of our reliance on technology. Not getting enough sleep can also lead to obesity. Since using phones leads to less sleep, it can also indirectly lead to increased risk for heart attack and obesity. An unhealthy lifestyle can result in unhappiness seen in "The Veldt" and feelings of loneliness seen in the poem.

Connection to Fahrenheit 451

"'Didn't sleep well. Feel Terrible,' she said" (Bradbury 18). Mildred is talking about how she didn't sleep well the night before. She doesn't go anywhere without her seashells in her ears, so like the poem, this shows the over-reliance on technology. Also, like the article, technology can lead to  a lack of quality sleep.

"Of course I'm happy. What does she think? I'm not? he asked quiet rooms" (Bradbury 10). Montag is showing his loneliness and unhappiness by questioning himself and the walls. Mildred's seashells cause Montag to be lonely because of the lack of real human communication. This is similar to the poem because in the both, technology leads to loneliness.

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