Fishy Project

By: Sara Chaknis, Kat LaFond, Allison Rutman

Just keep swimming,swimming,swimming!!

~For our project we had to make a fish tank for a customer with a budget or $700.  We had a list of fish,plants, and decorations including plants she wanted. We also added heater and a filter.  The fish we used were the Angel Fish which was $4.99 each and the Spotted African Leaf Fish which was $8.99 each. The two plant's we used were the Jungle Pod -medium which was $12.00 and the Green Mondo Grass which was $9.00. The decorations we used was the Driftwood which was $35 and the Asian Pangoda which was $25.  The gravel we used was the Pebble Beach which was $5.50. The filter was $55 and the heater was $36.  The tank itself was the large for $300.

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