Cowboy Legends

bEllE StAR

Myra Belle Shirley (Belle Starr) was born on February 5,1848 near Carthage, Missouri in a log cabin. Myra lived a spoiled rich girl life because her father, John Shirley who prospered raising wheat, corn, hogs, and horses in Jasper County then later selling the land and moving to Carthage to build a inn, tavern, and livery stable and blacksmith shop. Myra Belle was educated at the Carthage Female Academy where she was known as a bright student and loved to flaunt her "rich girl status". But not for long, when the Kansas-Missouri Border War broke out her brother Bud was killed in June of 1864 and soon after raids took toll on the businesses and the property was sold; forced to a small settlement east of Dallas.

On November 1, 1866 Belle married Jim Reed, the first man she ever loved. Myra and Jim had their first child, Rosie Lee "Pearl" in early September 1868. Not too much longer they had their second child named Edward. In 1874 Jim Reeds warrant of being a wanted man caught up to him and he was killed by a member of his own gang. After Jim died Starr got involved with a flat- faced Indian outlaw "Blue Duck". With him they formed a gang and where they carefully planned each move and hid on the Canadian River bootlegging whiskey to indians. This is what made Belle Star! Star died on February 3, 1889 from a ambush shooting.

Tom HoRN

- Birth name: Thomas "Tom" Horn

- Cowboy/ Legend name: Tom Horn

-Birth: November 21, 1860 in Scotland County, Missouri

-Death: November 20, 1903 in Cheyenne, Wyoming from being hung for killing Willie Nickell

- Horn was a American Old West Scout

-He was a hired gunman, Range detective, and a soldier

- Tom was believed to have killed 17 people as  a gunman

- He was executed by a hanging in Cheyenne, Wyoming for killing a 14 year old, Willie Nickell. Willie Nickell was the sone of Kels Nickell who was a sheep rancher.



- There weren't any witnesses to see who murdered her

- She served 9 months in the Detroit House of Corrections, as a model prisoner

- She would ride sidesaddle, dressed in a black velvet riding habit and a plum hat, with 2 pistols and cartridge belts around her waist

- Belle and her clan were notorious for horse thievery in the territory of the Indians

- Two years before she married Sam she was allegedly married for 3 weeks to Charles Younger

Tom Horn:

- When Tom was 16 her was hired by the US Cavalry as a civilian scout

- Horns quote on when he was in a encounter with rustlers "I would simply take the calf and such things as that stopped the stealing. I had more faith in getting the calf than in courts."

- He went under cover as "Tom Hicks" to work as a ranch had, while building evidence of Rash branding cattle the he didn't own

- Tom killed 4 members in the Tip Gault gang

- Horn wrote his autobiography in jail "The Life of Tom Horn, Government Scout and Interprter"

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