Summer in CLE


Horsehoe Casino and Nauti Mermaid patio

The Scoop on The Horsehoe and Nauti Mermaid...

  • Why do you love it?: I must say that I've been pretty lucky so far this summer so that would be a reason why I love the casino, after I win I walk right on over to the Nauti Mermaid.
  • When is the best time to go?: Whenever I'm feeling lucky or when I have a craving for delicious fish tacos
  • Who else would love it? (Kids? Kids at heart? History buffs? Nature lovers?): Anyone who likes to win money or eat good!
  • Who goes with you?: My boyfriend, its our weekend thing

I would recommend Nauti Mermaid to anyone and everyone. I will be honest in saying I have never had anything besides fish tacos and wings because they are both just to die for. What gets better than fish tacos, wings and a corona and a beautiful day in the CLE. As long as you play smart at the Horseshoe you will be able to pay for your whole trip to Nauti Mermaid without having to use anything except your winnings! :)

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