Exploration Proposal

For Individuals and Societies, Mrs. Hershberger
By: Sreedhatri Kandlakunta        Period 5

Your Majesty, in this year, 1559, I intend to go with supplies off on a voyage to explore The New World. I come from England, one of your loyal subjects, and one of your best explorers. Queen Elizabeth of England, your majesty, I am prepared to set off on this journey and fight off anything in the way. If you let me go, your majesty, I will try to my high potential to achieve what you send me for. I heard that you are open to new land, your majesty, if so, I may know exactly where to find the most land. As for my personal yearnings, I would like to bring in more useful resources fro our kingdoms benefit. I would mostly like to explore the East Coast and find beautiful expenses of land and resources to claim. France and Spain are getting ready to and have already sent explorers to claim land. I would suggest, your majesty, that you send me now so that we might be able to grab some land before it is taken. Word has it that Tristan de Luna is being sent to conquer more land. If you are afraid, your majesty, that I may run into other Europeans; I will try to defend my self and stay on the good side as long as I can. If it were to happen with natives; I will approach them with respect and kindness and see if they will bargain with us. This is my proposal to you, your majesty. I hope you except me fro this voyage.

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