Underage Drinking

Underage Drinking

Car accidents, depression, poisoning. I know 1 thing that can cause all of that… underage drinking.

Underage drinking is a huge problem. I think that underage drinking should not be tolerated because underage drinking can wreck someone's life, It can kill someone, & kids do it behind their parents backs.

Underage drinking can wreck someone’s life. Study’s show that if you start drinking alcohol before the age limit 21 you are predicted to have alcohol problems in the future & People who start drinking before 21 are likely to have violent behavior,& attempt suicide. Sometimes people who drink under 21 don’t always die because of car accidents sometimes they commit suicide, homicides, burns, falls, & drownings. Underage drinking affects a minors grades in school. Minors who don’t drink alcohol get mostly A’s & B’s, but minors who do drink alcohol get mostly D’s & F’s.

Underage drinking can kill someone. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration says that the drinking age of 21 has reduced alcohol traffic fatalities by 13% and has saved over 28,765 lives since the law was put into action. But over 1,155 people die each year due to alcohol related car crashes. Unfortunately some underage drinkers commit suicide because of too much alcohol. In modern America the average american girl has her first drink at age 13. The average american boy has his first drink at age 11.

Most of the time underage drinking goes on behind a parents back, but some really bad parents give alcohol to their children knowingly & thats really sad. People who start drinking before 21 are likely to have violent behavior, attempt suicide, & are likely to have problems with alcohol later in life but If you talk to children about the dangers of alcohol, they are more likely to NOT become underage drinkers . In earlier generations boys were WAY more likely to try alcohol before 21. But now girls are catching up and that's something no one should want to catch up on.

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