Diumal Rotation of Venus

By Bryeanna Jensen- Dwyer

Giovanni Domenico was born on June 8 1625 and died in Pairs on september 14 1712.His parents were Jacopo Cassini and Julia Crovest. Giovanni had a child called Jacques Cassini and his wife Cathleen Grey. His son Jacques was born in Paris on Aug 12 1725 and his wife Cathleen was born in France on July 12 1624 Giovanni Domenico home country is in Italy in (Perinadlo). Giovanni Domenico is most known for discovering the Diumal Rotation of Venus.



In 1650, he became a writer at the University of Bologna.

In 1669, he went to Paris and soon he became the first director of Paris Observatory. He became a France citizen in 1673.

In 1662, he had measured the distance from earth to the sun.

In 1666, he owned a dance club. He loved to dance and sing in that time of his days.

Cassini remained in Bologna working until Colbert recruited him to come to Paris to help set up the Paris Observatory. Cassini departed from Bologna on (February   25 1669).

Giovanni Domenico used the Jupiter's moon shadows to create tables of the motions of the moons. He used the fixed shadows to determine the length of Jupiter's day.

The year was 1655 and the moon was Titan. Giovanni Domenico Cassini made the next four discovers: Iapetus (1671), Rhea (1672), Dione (1684), and Tethys (1684).

Cassini is also known by the french name Jean Dominique Cassini. Because of his discoveries pertained to Saturn, a space probe that the United States launched in 1997 in investigate that planet was after him.





He was the first person to build a spacecraft that orbit the moons of Saturn and discovery that it had the most moons then any planet. Cassini was designed to explore the Saturnian system from orbit:the planet and it's atmosphere, rings and magnetosphere and it's moon's, particularly Titan and he icy satellites. Cassini also carried Europe's Huygens probe to its Rendenzuov's with Titan.

He discovered that there is four moons on saturn and the large gap in Saturn ring system. The gap in now know as the Cassini division.