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When I was on break I had so much fun with all of my friends and family. I went fishing, I had sleepovers, and most of all we bought a new house.

We bought a house down the street that our friends are selling because their dad had a great job offer down in New Mexico. The house that they are selling was actually going to the house we were going to buy when we moved from Georgia. We didn't buy it because there was no air conditioning and the basement was not finished. But now the house it compleatly renovated and looking amazing. Other than buying a house I had an amazing time fishing. My friend Lydie, her dad, and I went to Liberty Lake Lake and caught some nice sun fish. Lucky for them it was catch and release. That pretty much ties up my spring break so now its time to talk about me.

My name is lexi and I was born in Ohio and I love to run and play the trumpet. My Parents started their life together in New Mexico but then decided to move to Ohio and have my sister. My sister is named Ashley most of the time she can be a great but sometimes not.  So about 2 years later they decided to have another kid and that is me. About two years later we moved to Kentucky for one year and then moved to Georgia for three months and last we moved to Washington. I have enjoyed staying in Washington and look forward to the rest of my life as being a Ohio state buckeyes fan.


My friend Lydie and I went on a fishing trip but lucky for the fish it was catch and release!

Like others I spent my whole spring break on Netflix watching the Walking Dead.

My sister got asked to go to prom as a Sophomore.

I'M MOVING!!! jk it is just down the street

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