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HI me name is Josie

somewhere I would love to travel to:

I would love to travel to France because my heritage is French and i have already been to Germany to visit family.

my first pet:

I named my first pet Lilo but it was supposed to be phyco because when i was younger I got a kitten for my first pet and he chased me around as long as I was pulling a broken necklace behind me but my mom didnt like the name so she changed it to Lilo

the thing that makes me happiest:

the thing that makes me happiest is when i get to go out with friends and go shopping or go out for starbucks, this week or next week i might go and get my hair done, my nails done and go out to lunch

what makes me embarrased:

the thing that is when I get called out on stupid things like relationships during class by my teachers. I remember one time Mr. Moore the science teacher brought up my relationship in a friction demonstration and my face turned bright red and evryone stared at me and asked me questions about it

My greatest fear:

my greatest fear is the zipper because one time I went on with my step dad at the fair and the ride manager didnt speak english and I kept screaming stop and he thought I was screaming faster and I hit my head and after we got off the ride I had to go to the hospital to get stitches.

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