Movie Poster Evaluation

In this poster there is a big, bold image of the main character. It is draws the attention very well with the large images, shocking image, and bold contrasting colors. The large picture of the man in the poster, along with the contrasting colors makes it work well. The guy standing in a suit with two guns leaves the viewers wondering why he has guns, or what he is doing. Leaving them in question wanting to know more. Why is he in a suit? Why does he have guns? All questions a viewer would want to know so they would have to go see the movie. I have personally seen this movie and this picture/poster is a perfect advertising idea. It works so well with the movie. As soon as you watch the movie you can see why this poster makes sense. You figure out who the man is and what his role in the movie is. Also the text is in a different, uncommon font. Just think of being at a movie theater and seeing this poster on the wall. I know when i seen it, it caught my attention and I ended up going to see it when it came out.

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