Cabinet Maker

What is a Cabinetmaker?

A cabinetmaker, as the name would suggest, is an individual who engages in the activity of conceptualizing, designing and constructing furniture. They are usually considered synonymous with bench carpenters, although they have a particular specialization in cabinetry. Aside from building and designing cabinets, cabinet makers have the added task of installing them.

What does a Cabinetmaker do?

Before the art of industrial design came to be, cabinet makers were responsible for the entire creation process of a piece of furniture, from its initial conception to its shape and color all the way to the final production. Some of the more famous cabinet makers like George Hepplewhite, Thomas Chippendale and Thomas Sheraton even authored books about the art of furniture making, featuring their designs and compositions.

How to become a Cabinetmaker

This career is something to consider when one particularly enjoys keeping their hands busy.The job entails a wide knowledge and skills in the use of various tools and machines. Products are very specific when it comes to measurement and sizing, so one must be very meticulous and take extreme care in handling projects. Cabinetmaking has a rich historical background and adopts a multitude of influences. An aspiring cabinet maker should also familiarize himself with these schools of design. He must be educated in the numerous skills ranging from sanding, sealing and staining wood all the way to polishing products. Traditional cabinetmaking also involves creative design and woodwork, which may pose a challenge in lifting heavy objects and standing for long periods at a time.

What is the workplace of a Cabinetmaker like?

A cabinet maker's workplace may vary greatly, but they may often find employment in furniture repair shops, furniture stores and construction companies. On a project and commission basis, they may get hired for venues that require large amounts of furniture that need to be particularly customized. A library, a new house, or a school classroom are some examples, although possible work venues are not limited to these.

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