Unchained Memories

Here are some examples of "Unchained Memories" that relate to my topic dehumanizations.

Jennie Proctor:

While she's cleaning, she found a biscuit, because she's too hungry, she eats it.

Her masters find out about it and they beat her up.

They even put salt on her cuts.

This narrative relates to my topic because masters don't even let their slaves satisfied their hunger as a human, they gave out harsh punishment slaves even though the slaves are just children.

William Cobert:

His master whipped him, and he kept yelling at the slave: "What's the matter with you."

Cobert's body was shaking, his blood continues to run.

He couldn't even said anything about his master.

The narrative shows how masters treated to their slaves, they kept beating the slaves without thinking how hurt the slaves are, they don't even let their slaves complained to them, similar to what they would treat to their objects.

Katie Darling:

Her story is about a master beats their slave so hard that the slave died.

Their masters made a small coffin and order other slaves to buried the body.

It needs to be fast and no singing and praying for the slaves.

Masters didn't even feel sorry for what they have done to their slaves, they didn't even let other slaves have a proper ceremony for the slave.