treatment of women in the holocaust by. Sarah Howard

women in the holocaust had a bad time they were beat, killed, raped,and treated like play toys. and they had it ten times worst then men. someones story will show and the true horror of this time. this is the pain that women when through in this time....

1.   over six million women men and kids died in the holocaust

2.   women were treated like slaves to Nazi soldiers

3.   if they were pregnant they were killed or got an abortion

4.   the largest women camp was Ravensbrück

5.   jewish women werent the only ones getting treated bad other women were too

6.   women also led ghetto resistances

7.    millions of women were murdered

8.    when jewish women gave birth they were told to kill there babys

9.    holocaust means mass murder

10.   only 1/3 of people survived

1933- the holocaust begin

1933-1945 - jews gays and others start to get killed

1945-the holocaust ended

Zivia Lubetkin, Tosia Altman, Haika Grosman ,Rozka Korczak-marla and Mire Gola and many other people -  they led an under ground operation to help women and kids and men in the holocaust

Anne Frank- she helped inspire so many women and kids by her diary she is my hero

my topic is important because people mostly see what happened to the men no one really sees the true horror of the holocaust women to me had it worst the men and i  think people should know about it to realized what happened.

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