Getting My Dog Daisy

By: Jake C.

One day my family realized that we wanted a dog.  So we went to a shelter. When we got there we already had a dog that we were going to look for, that dogs name was Miss Fattie. When we found Miss Fattie she was in a cage barking like crazy. My parents saw a sign that said that black dogs were 50% off. So my parents asked to see black dogs that were marked urgent (Meaning they may be put to sleep). The people that worked there showed us quite a few dogs, but finally they brought in a dog named Alecia. The first thing Alecia did was walk over to my dad and put her head on my dad's lap, Then she came over to me and my siblings then  laid on the ground and rolled over so we could rub her belly. Sure enough we adopted her. She had been at the shelter for over a month which is why she was marked urgent. We got Alecia a few days later after she had surgery to make sure she couldn't have puppies. When she got home we named her Daisy. That is the story of how my family got our first dog Daisy.