Explaining the problem of homelessness


1. Problem

The problem of homelessness is rising and that more people are having problems with the display and actions of the homeless people. Most people who come for vacation saying that they have problem and would not come back because of how many homeless they see.

2. Define the community that your problem affects

The community affected by our problem is the island of Oahu, in the state of Hawaii.

3. How serious it is

This homelessness problem that Hawaii has is very serious because it affects the tourism and makes us look bad, compared to other states. Tourism is one of Hawaii's way to keep our economy running. The more homeless people there are, the harder the businesses to keep them away from the tourists.

4. How widespread our problem is in Hawaii, locally

The amount of homeless people go across the entire coast, from the east side by Ewa and Waianae, to the west coast of town in Honolulu, and everywhere in between these places.

5. Why this problem should be handled

We think that this should be handled by the government because it's causing many people look at us different. And that not fair how they treat us

6. Why the law for dealing with the problem is adequate, but is not being well enforced

Despite efforts by the government to deal with the homelessness problem, they are still present on the island of Oahu. In fact, their numbers have been increasing.

7.What the disagreement

The disagreements in our community about homeless people are just the fact they invade and leave the public bathrooms dirty, or they are highly disrespectful to the tourist that do come to Hawaii. The people say that they wouldn't want to come back due to the way they are getting treated because the homeless claim that  this is their land and the reason why they are homeless because the foreigners took over. These are the disagreements in Hawaii.

8. Major individuals/groups/organizations taking sides on the problem

A major individual and organization working on the problem are Mayor Caldwell and the Chamber of Commerce of Hawaii.

9. What are they doing about the problem

They are slowly putting up signs for homeless saying it is prohibited to sleep or loiter at public places. The government has no choice but to kick them out and protect the citizens that do live in Hawaii, and in the area so they don't feel like they are being harassed from the homeless. Slowly the government will help find funds for these homeless, and shelters where they can get back on their feet again.


This show how many homeless live out on the street, park, beaches. And that causing more problem to many people and come on vacation.


This graph shows the current homeless population on the island of Oahu. It also shows the amount of them that are sheltered or unsheltered.


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