Fannie Lou Hamer

Fannie Lou Hamer was born on October 6, 1917 in Montgomery County, MS. She was best known for an Civil Rights Activist. When Fannie was 6 years old she began working in the fields. Fannie had a rough life to begin with. But, later on in life she became an Civil Rights Activist during that time she encouraged blacks to vote. Then, she began working for a Student Nonviolent Committee which helped students who were in danger become protected. Next, when Fannie became older she helped co - found the Mississippi Freedom Democratic Party, and in between that she ran for congress in Mississippi and had gotten tons of votes. During the time between all that her parents became sharecroppers in the MS Delta Santation.

When she had gotten older she found out that she was unable to have kids, she also gotten fired from her job and driven off from the plantation. Then, one day around the age of 12 Hamer dropped out of school in order to work full time and help out her family, she then continued to be an sharecropper after her 1944 marriage to Perry "Pap" Hamer. In 1963 Hamer was threatened, arrested, beaten, and shot at. She was severely injured so badly that she suffered permanent kidney damage. To all the damage and hard work she had put in Hamer later on died in 1977. Hamer will always be remembered best known for an Civil Rights Activist.

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