My name is Francesca Ysabel Zabat Yutangco

I go by Ysabel, most of the time. Although, there are others who do call me Francesca. My nicknames include Ysa, Ys, Bel, and even silly ones such as Young Taco and lobster (people who do call me these really exist).

I was born in San Pablo City, Laguna in the Philippine Islands. I was raised there all my life until I was 10 years old, which was when I immigrated to America. Thus, I can speak two languages--Tagalog and English--fluently. Every summer I go back to the Philippines for basically all of summer break as a chance to return to my roots and have fun with family.

I am a rather quiet person--true to my Myers Briggs personality test: ISFP. I prefer being by myself; however, that does not mean that I want to be isolated from others. As an only child, I know that there are so many limits one can only do by him or herself.

Even though I am an only child, I was raised together with my cousins from both my mother's and father's side--twelve in total. Some of my cousins from my father's side visited the US during winter break and I went along with them in their trip to New York. I am especially close to my cousin, Monika, since we were born approximately twenty hours apart from each other.

I am also a passionate person, especially for the arts. My parents enrolled me in art classes since I was a small child, and I brought those classes in my heart as I grew up. Today, I enjoy cartooning but I also dabble with realism, photography, graphic design, and painting. I will be taking VA2/Animations class this second semester to further my skills in art.

My skills and hobbies, however, are not just the arts. I have also been playing sports since I was a child. Throughout my life, I have played badminton, swimming, volleyball, and softball competitively, while playing tennis and golf for fun. I have been on Mitty's badminton team for the past three years and have been on its varsity team for two. As of recent, I have taken up a new sport: skateboarding. I got a skate deck during a concert this past summer for free by simply playing and winning a game of "Ninja" against ten other people. Spontaneously, I bought the parts to complete the skateboard despite the warnings of my parents and grandparents. I will not be doing tricks anytime soon, but I can leisurely roll around my neighborhood using my skateboard.

That is just a little about me. Thanks for reading!

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