Dale Croy

Family Man and Proponent of Healthy Living

About Dale Croy

A promoter for direct-sales company Visalus Sciences, Dale Croy strives to fight obesity by supporting healthy practices on the individual level. He travels extensively as a Level 4 Ambassador for Visalus, organizing training sessions and promotional events that raise awareness of the company's flagship program, the Body by Vi Challenge. Dale Croy is also a dedicated proponent of the company's childhood obesity outreach division, Project 10 Kids.

A father of six and grandfather of 10, Dale Croy strives to set an example for the young in his family. He is an alumnus of the Naval Reserve, a commitment that paved the way for his four sons to serve in the United States military. In addition, Mr. Croy served for many years as chief criminal investigator of Florida's Second Judicial Circuit, and he became known as the dean of all investigators throughout the state. He prepared for his life’s work at Florida State University, where he earned an undergraduate degree in criminology and psychology. He later received his graduate degree in criminal justice from Nova University. Three of his children have also pursued a career in criminal justice.

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