Owner of Cypress Camon Investment Management

An accomplished financial professional with many years of experience in the investments sector, Dallas Groth owns Dallas-based Cypress Camon Investment Management, LLC, where he operates as the chief investment officer. As the organizational leader of the outside investment arm of Gordon Hall Investments, LLC, where he serves as a managing member, he oversees all of Cypress Camon Investment Management’s investment initiatives and focuses his practice primarily on alternative investments. In addition to identifying promising opportunities and developing transactions, Dallas Groth conducts strategic management of portfolios and contributes to the overall profitability of the business.

During his time with Cypress Camon Investment Management, Dallas Groth bolstered the firm’s client base and helped the company develop a strong reputation for client service and loyalty. Mr. Groth also led a private investment initiative involving MLP distressed assets, capitalized a lucrative Fund of Funds portfolio, and sold a turnaround private investment to a prominent NASDAQ company.