Dallas Imbimbo


About Dallas Imbimbo

Serial entrepreneur Dallas Imbimbo currently operates multiple businesses, including the company SeetheX, which provides funding to ambitious entrepreneurs like himself. Founded in 2012, the company invests in a wide variety business ventures, with Dallas Imbimbo using his own experience to gauge the potential of an entrepreneur’s idea--although most start-ups fail, the ones that succeed can pay enormous returns on an initial investment. Dallas Imbimbo’s other companies include Kush Bottles, a wholesale distributor of pharmaceutical grade bottles that he founded in 2010, and BigRentz.com, an equipment rental business that he started in 2012.

In addition to his more recent ventures, Dallas Imbimbo also started PackMyDorm and served as the company’s CEO. He founded PackMyDorm in 2007 while still a college student at the University of California at Davis, demonstrating his entrepreneurial talents even at that young age. In the years since he left college, Dallas Imbimbo has pursued other business opportunities as PackMyDorm was sold in 2011.

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