Damned-Kevin Sherwood

By Kyle Reid

Theme song for Call Of Duty Zombies lobby menu

This song is completely instrumental which is the first in the Call of Duty franchise to be completely instrumental it is featured in the Call of Duty Zombies Lobby Menu and also in the Call of Duty Black Ops: Zombie Release trailer it is composed by Kevin Sherwood who also wrote most of the Zombies Songs and is the head Sound Composer for Treyarch.

His songs for the Zombies theme are,                                                                                     Undone, Lullaby For A Deadman, The One, Beauty of Annihilation, 115, Aracadavre, Pareidolia, Coming Home, Carrion, Where Are We Going and Always Running.


1. What is this song called: Damned.

2.Who composed it: Kevin Sherwood.

3.What Instruments can you hear in this piece: Piano

4.Research some information about the composer:Kevin Sherwood is the composer of most of the Call Of Duty: Zombies songs he is the head sound designer and composer for Treyarch. His nickname is KSherwoodOps he was born in 1980 and his songs are featured in Call of Duty: World At War, Black ops and Black ops 2.

5.What year was the song released and what was happening at the time: It was between 12 Nov 2008 and 09 Nov 2010, and at the time the Beijing olympics had recently finished and Barack obama was elected the 44th president of the USA and was the first african-american President. the RMS Queen Elizabeth 2 made its last journey. in 2010 North Korea bombed the island of  Yeonpyeong and WikiLeaks released 250,000 US army secret and classified infromation

6.What is the purpose of this piece of music (eg. listening, movie scene, dancing etc.):The purpose of this song is for players to have some music while they wait for a game


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