The green teen cookbook

About the authors

There are more than 1 author in this story its no written by 1 person but many it was created for teens by teens. This a Non-fiction book because its a cook book.


The setting of the story is in the kitchen.

The main character

There is not a main character in this story because each page is some one different for instance two of the characters in this story is Alex Mckechnie made a recipe for a banana smoothie or Isabella Frost who created a recipe for chicken and waffles.


The conflict in this story is budgets and money because what if you want to eat healthy and eating healthy now a days cost a lot so they resolved this by going to local food markets and they learned junk food cost the same as cooking/eating healthy.


The mood of the story is happy because your eating and learning how to cook healthy while the food still tastes fattening.


The theme is to eat and cook healthy.


1.self to text: I eat healthy at times

2. text to text: many teenager write different books like there's another book also called the the green teen cookbook but its different and also uses teens recipes.


In my opinion this is a good book especially if you don't know how to cook or if you want to eat healthier.  

What I liked/What I remembered most

I liked everything about the book because I like looking at the pictures of cookbooks and I like reading the different recipes. I remembered the rose petals sweets the most because I really thought that was cool.

Recomended to who and why?

I recommend this to myself because I cant cook. But not also me but to any one that wants to learn how to cook or people that know how to cook but want to eat healthier. I also recommend this to college students because these recipes are easy and good priced.

Lets Get Cooking

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