Dance is not only a sport, its good exercise for you! It strengthens your core, legs, arms, and it’s really fun too

About Studio 320

At studio 320 [where I dance] there are 47 dancers. We have levels such as A, B, C, and D’s! A’s are the youngest; B’s are the 3rd-4th graders and one 6th grader because she’s new. C’s are the 5th- 7th graders, I’m a C! And the D’s are the oldest and the best dancers! We just had our 10th anniversary 7 weeks ago, really fun! We’re changing our studio colors and the rumor says that they’re going to be pink, grey, and yellow. But before that we we’re black, red, and white.

Teachers at Studio 320

There are 3 teachers at Studio 320, Mrs. Tara, Mrs. Kylie and Mrs.Aundrea! Mrs. Tara is the boss of Studio 320 and when she teaches a dance and you don’t know how to do a certain step she’ll help you! Mrs. Kylie she teaches cardio and is REALLY strict! Mrs.Aundrea she teaches tap so I don’t know a lot about her!

The best compotition yet

Nationals is the championship for dance. It’s the biggest and hardest time of the year! At nationals last year we won 1st place with my favorite dance, Tik Tok! We won 2nd place with my 2nd favorite dance Game Over!

Other people use dance too

Back then people used dance to celebrate example: like if a baby was born, someone moved into the neighborhood and birthdays. A lot of people dance and use it for different things, cultures because some people believe it makes things happen like the sun shine or rain fall!


Dance isn’t just for fun, it’s for a propose too. To celebrate, to make them believe that Mother Nature decide to make the day sunny or rainy! Dance isn’t special just to me it’s special to my friends, family and people in other countries! Thank you for reading and if you are interested in dance try out its SUPER FUN!