Dan Doorakian

Owner/Partner at Katz & Associates Law Firm

About Dan Doorakian

Dan Doorakian currently serves as a Partner in the Katz & Doorakian Law Firm, P.L. an agency focused on estate, probate, trust, real estate, business, and corporate law. With a clear focus on the needs of its clientele, the law firm operates offices in West Palm Beach and Wellington, Florida and provides clientele with dependable, knowledgeable counsel and representation to meet their legal needs. Doorakian handles such matters as real estate law, commercial law, and general business representation. As one of the firm’s dedicated partners, he also works on cases involving probate, guardianship, trusts, and corporate law.

Doorakian maintains certification as a title insurance agent for Old Republic National Title Company, First American National Title Company, Chicago National Title Company, Fidelity National Title Company, and Commonwealth National Title Company, which allows him to assist in the management of titles for corporate clients. His expertise can help clients realize their real estate objectives and promote ongoing achievements in an expedient manner.

Dan Doorakian matriculated at the University of Notre Dame, where he graduated summa cum laude with his Bachelor of Science in Economics. He earned his graduate degree from the University of Massachusetts-Amherst before entering law school at Vanderbilt University. Doorakian earned his Juris Doctor degree and is certified to practice law by the Florida Bar and District of Columbia Bar.

Dan Doorakian’s philanthropic efforts are focused on the American Lung Association and United Way. Dedicating to remaining active, Doorakian enjoys spending his free time playing football, basketball, tennis, and baseball. Clients seeking representation or additional information on Dan Doorakian can visit www.katzlawpl.com.

Tennis Techniques for Windy Conditions

Attorney Daniel Doorakian has experience in corporate, real estate, and equestrian law, among other focuses. In his spare time, Dan Doorakian enjoys staying active by playing football and basketball. More recently, though, Dan Doorakian has devoted much of his athleticism to tennis. Some helpful tennis tips he employs are as follows:

When a tennis player does not have the luxury of playing in an indoor facility or on a court that offers windscreens, learning techniques to adapt to windy conditions will highly improve performance. For instance, a player should follow through with more forceful ground strokes to compensate for wind resistance. Hard, intentional strokes have a higher likelihood of sending the ball to the sought-after court location.

In addition, when playing against the wind, an individual should employ drop shots. This type of delivery returns the ball slowly back to the opponent’s side and immediately drops after clearing the net. Mostly due to adding a backspin to the ball, the drop shot is more effective when playing against the wind, as the ball drops even closer to the net, which will force the opponent to fun faster and harder in an attempt to keep the ball in play.

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