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Currently a Partner with Strategic Advisory Group, Daniel Fenton previously cofounded Team San Jose, for which he served as Chief Executive Officer for 15 years. Dan Fenton’s long career in the hospitality industry is characterized by innovation and excellence. Under his direction, Team San Jose grew into a $20 million company that employed in excess of 300 people. Originally known as the San Jose Convention and Visitors Bureau, it covered all areas of visitor experience, including arts, labor, and hotels. Thanks to this comprehensive approach, the company received accolades from various meeting coordinators.

Dan Fenton, named one of the hospitality industry’s 25 Most Influential People by Meeting News Magazine, has established himself as a cultural force in Silicon Valley. He cofounded Artsopolis, the area’s online news and events resource, and developed Zero 1, an event integrating art and technology. During Mr. Fenton’s tenure with Team San Jose, he fostered a partnership with The Nederlander Organization, which drew more Broadway productions and concerts to the region. Dan Fenton also acted as Chairman of Taxi San Jose, which aims to improve visitor experience through enhancing the local taxi industry. He initiated changes in policy that encouraged competition, emphasized responsibility, and yielded improvements to service.

Dan Fenton draws upon his education at Cornell University, where he received a Bachelor’s in Hotel/Motel Administration and Management. He is a Trustee of his former high school, the York School of Monterey, California. Mr. Fenton currently resides with his wife in San Jose.

SAG Works with the City of Los Angeles on Greek Theater Project

Dan Fenton is a longtime San Jose, California, executive in the tourism and hospitality industry. Formerly CEO of Team San Jose, Dan Fenton presently works with the Strategic Advisory Group (SAG) to offer advisory services through the company’s Marketing, Branding & Tourism Strategy division. One recent undertaking involved working with the City of Los Angeles, Department of Recreation and Parks to develop a new vision for the municipality’s Greek Theater.

The SAG team facilitated engagement with stakeholders and community members by conducting surveys and carrying out interviews with people from local neighborhoods. SAG also collaborated with the finance department to establish and oversee a protocol for the RFP process that will be used to solicit a new operator/promoter for the venue.

Additionally, the company performed industry trends analysis with a focus on increasing the theater’s profitability to the city. Strategic Advisory Group is currently engaged with the City of Los Angeles to create a new operational template that will enable the theater to operate at peak capacity and efficiency.

The Artsopolis Artist Module

Daniel, "Dan" Fenton is associate principal and partner at Strategic Advisory Group (SAG), a Georgia-based consulting firm. He brings fifteen years of experience as chief executive officer at Team San Jose to his current position. During his time in San Jose, Dan Fenton co-founded Artsopolis, an arts and culture network used by cities across the country.

The Artsopolis network allows a cultural community to highlight all arts, culture, venues, and educational opportunities in an area. The artist module within the software allows users to easily locate creative individuals in their region.

Using Artsopolis, a webmaster can create an artist directory, listing local artists living and working in a community. Profiles may include background, contact information, work samples, and the type of media that the artist uses. The software allows for additional fields, based on the needs of the organization, and filters can be added to narrow down a search for prospective employers/patrons. Artists, themselves, can edit their own profiles using a front end dashboard, and administrators can approve any updates via an administrative control panel.

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