Daniel Kaufman | Reagan Wireless

Daniel Kaufman Reagan Wireless Pres & CEO.

About Us

For over 17 years, Reagan Wireless Corporation has maintained a strong presence in the cellular phone distribution industry, building an impressive track record of corporate accomplishments in Florida and beyond. As a worldwide distributor, reseller, recycler, and wholesaler of CDMA and Iden cellular phones and accessories, Reagan Wireless offers clients a full spectrum of CDMA and IDEN devices from top name brands, including CDMA HTC Corporation, LG Electronics, SANYO North America Corporation, SAMSUNG, CDMA Research In Motion Limited (Blackberry), Motorola Iden, Nextel, and CDMA Palm. At present, Reagan Wireless has an impressive stock of basic, keyboard, touch-screen, and other types of smartphones available to customers across the globe.

In addition,Reagan Wireless sells OEM accessories, such as cases, headsets, and data cables, along with a comprehensive selection of OEM batteries and battery chargers from leading companies. Reagan Wireless holds pride as one of the top wholesalers of cellular phones, parts, and accessories to clients around the world. Reagan Wireless strengths include strong working relationships with CDMA Verizon, America Movil, and Telefonica phones and accessories. Frequently sought out for its services as a wholesaler, Reagan Wirelesscommands a robust client base in the United States and abroad, offering unbeatable pricing and large quantities of CDMA and Iden cellular phones and accessories. Based in Deerfield Beach, Florida, Reagan Wireless owns and operates a 53,000 square-foot warehouse with 32 feet from floor to ceiling space. Read Moreā€¦