Daniel Maddalozzo

Loyola University Student Daniel Maddalozzo

About Daniel Maddalozzo

With aspirations to attend graduate school and pursue a career as a documentary filmmaker, Daniel Maddalozzo is working toward his bachelor’s degree from Loyola University in Chicago. He has declared a double major in anthropology and film production. To gain field experience in anthropology, he participated in a local mastodon dig through the Field Museum of Natural History and spent a summer volunteering as a docent of the museum’s Ancient Americas exhibit. Daniel Maddalozzo is also studying history for his minor. Affiliated with the New Life Volunteer Society, he spent the summer of 2012 tutoring fellow students in history and recently volunteered to tutor deserving grade-school students in Chicago.

When not studying, Mr. Maddalozzo enjoys practicing martial arts, specifically the Korean art of Kuk Sool, and scuba diving. With experience in exploring the waters of the Caribbean and Hawaii on dives, he has held PADI certification since he was 12 years old.
A longtime resident of the Chicago area, Daniel Maddalozzo graduated from Loyola Academy with honors.

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