Daniel Miles

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About Daniel Miles

Daniel Miles lives and works in the Atlanta area, where he participates in the region’s business community. Currently the principal of property manager Star Residential and a managing member of the development firm Marquis Investments, Mr. Miles previously led the region’s largest privately held residential real estate developer, MPI Inc. During his 19 years as principal of MPI, Daniel Miles acquired and oversaw more than 25,000 apartment units in Texas, Washington, DC, and the Southeastern United States.

Today, Daniel Miles handles property acquisition and refinancing for Marquis Investments. Working with an international network of investors, he focuses on raising capital; once the firm has acquired properties, he assumes management operations through Star Residential. In buying and developing properties, he implements Marquis’ 3R Strategy to recapitalize, renovate, and reposition properties, especially those with high potential.

In his free time, Daniel Miles enjoys giving back to the Atlanta area. In the past, he has donated his time and resources to multiple regional charities and nonprofit groups. His other major interest includes collecting art, including Renaissance period drawings and 19th century European sculptures.

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