Wonder Project by Daniel

august in summers eyes

i chose this picture to show what i think augut would look like in summer's eyes

Character's Tie to Theme

summer's tie to the theme is that she always nice and happy aceped once and that when she telling august her dad died when she was little. I know this because it says in the story when she was telling august about her dad she had tears in her eyes. the resone I say she's nice is because she was the only one to sit with august at lunch besides at the end when his other friends sit with him but that's at the end.

Character Influences

august had big impact on summer because he tought her to acepet people by how they act instead of how they look even though summer came to august but that's because she felt bad for him so in the end august had the biggest influence. I know this because she adminted it in her section. summer also influenced him to open up and not be emberised of his face and if Julian wants to be a bully that his fault not his because of what he looks like.