Life of Percy


Percy with dark brown chocalte hair,
Percy of a family with kings and qweens,
Percy whose eyes shine like the sea,
is a guy who like school, but has trouble with it,
runs to school every morning,
plays football after school,
writes on his test but, doesnt exactly know what to write,
gets help from his teacher but is still confused,
loves to learn but sometimes doesn't get it,

Percy runs with his friends,
plays catch with them,
runs up and down the feild,
bacause he has to catch the ball,

percy inside a muscularbody,
inside something that is not so smart,
Percy inside a body with every thing good except his ability to remember exact things,
is learning more and more but has trouble
remembering exact things,
plays with his brothers,
helps them with there own work,
runs outside with them,
loves his family on the good and bad times,
likes his parents, most of the time

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