Dan Palmier

Founder and CEO of UC Funds and Real Estate Financier

A real estate finance executive, Dan Palmier holds the posts of chief executive officer, president, and founder of UC Funds. Dan Palmier’s familiarity with the industry and skill in originating investments have helped him generate nearly a billion dollars in investment capital in just four years.

Daniel Palmier previously managed Potomac Realty Capital, a specialty financial firm he founded to provide equity and debt financing to commercial real estate developers. He also served as executive vice president of Arbor Realty Trust, enjoying a strong risk-management record, characterized by zero principal loss and the financing of over $2 billion worth of projects.

In his spare time, Palmier enjoys attending Boston Celtics games, riding horses with his daughter, and golfing. He also travels from time to time to Chile, where his wife’s family owns property, and Italy, where his family operates an organic vineyard. He contributes extensively to the Lady of Fatima Church in New Hampshire and the St. Christopher School’s athletic facilities.

Boston Celtics Championship History

Daniel Palmier currently leads specialty finance lender UC Funds, LLC, in Boston, Massachusetts, as chief executive officer. Dan Palmier named his company after the 2008 Boston Celtics’ team slogan, Ubuntu, a proverb emphasizing teamwork and selflessness. Ubuntu is the “U” in UC Funds. Dan Palmier remains a season ticket holder with the Celtics and regularly attends games.

Established in 1946, the Boston Celtics are not only one of just eight teams to survive the National Basketball Association’s first decade of operations, but the team is also the league’s most successful franchise. The team’s 17 championship banners, in fact, make the Celtics the most successful team in all of North America's major sports leagues and represent a quarter of all NBA championships won to date.

The Celtics reached the NBA finals for the first time following the 1956-1957 season. The following year, the team reached the finals again, losing to the St. Louis Hawks, before beginning an unprecedented and yet to be repeated stretch of dominance that saw Boston win eight consecutive NBA titles. Including their first finals victory, the Celtics won 11 championships in 13 years. The 1969-1970 season marked the first time Boston failed to reach the playoffs in two decades, though they would go on to add two more championships in 1974 and 1976.

Boston enjoyed a second run of dominance between 1980 and 1987, winning five championships in seven years, including two wins in four consecutive finals trips. The team endured their longest championship drought following the 1987 victory, winning their 17th title in 2008 over the Los Angeles Lakers in six games. The Celtics reached the finals once more two seasons later, this time falling to the Lakers in seven games.

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Boston Celtics Acquire Three Players and Two Draft Picks in 2014 Trade

A commercial real estate executive, Daniel (Dan) Palmier founded UC Funds in 2010 and currently directs the Boston-based firm’s capital investment strategies throughout the country. Away from the office, Dan Palmier enjoys watching NBA basketball and holds season tickets to the Boston Celtics’ games.

In December 2014, the Boston Celtics negotiated a high-profile trade with the Dallas Mavericks, offering point guard Rajon Rondo and reserve forward Dwight Powell in exchange for Jae Crowder, Brandan Wright, and Jameer Nelson. Additionally, Boston released Vitor Faverani, a second-year player, to accommodate the deal.

The Dallas trio will bring a combined 18 years of league experience to the Celtics franchise, which will also receive two draft picks: one in 2015 (first round), and another in 2016 (second round). These options will add to the organization’s several guaranteed first-round picks over the next four NBA lotteries. Further, Boston gains Rondo’s 2014-2015 salary of $12.9 in trade exceptions to utilize in future roster additions.

“Daniel Palmier and UC Funding provide exceptional customer service. This company is unique from its competitors because their team services all loans that they close. As a result, they provide continuity to borrowers for the entire life of the loan. The client relationship with this company does not end at closing…”

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"Daniel Palmier, the founder and CEO of UC Funding, LLC, a real estate financing, asset management, and loan structuring company, based in Boston, donated $25,000 to the Buddy Dog Humane Society. Dan Palmier, of Boston with the help of his daughter Elisa V. Palmier, is committed to expand the services of the society."

"'We have assembled the industry’s leading talents to ensure the efficient and effective execution of transactions, second to none. We have the tools internally to creatively address the needs of our clients, and deliver financing solutions for most every situation concerning quality real estate assets. With our lending capacity being expanded significantly, we have the ability to meet growing market demands and expand our footprint and, ultimately, our client base,' affirms Daniel M. Palmier, President & CEO of UC Funding, LLC.

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Dan Palmier featured on the Cable News Network. See the full post here.

"Although Daniel Palmier, the founder, President, and CEO of UC Funding is busy with his commitment in providing the highest level of service for his clients, he also finds time to donate resources to advancing/promoting the growth of individuals throughout the world."

"Palmier has been a key executive in the real estate and finance industries for over 25 years, cultivating strong relationships across the country with both leading senior lenders and successful real estate entrepreneurs. Before launching UC Funding, Palmier was co-founder, president and CEO of Potomac Realty Capital, LLC where he spent the last seven years originating, structuring and managing over $3 billion in loans."

"We sat down with Daniel M. Palmier (DP), the founder, president, and CEO of Potomac Realty Capital, to find out some answers. With more than 25 years of experience in the real estate and financing business, Palmier has seen his share of ups and downs, and this is what he had to say about the current cycle."

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Gold Member Benefits at the University of Notre Dame's Sorin Society

A veteran financial professional, Dan Palmier brings more than two decades of experience to his current position as the chief executive officer of UC Funds in Boston, Massachusetts. Under Daniel Palmier’s direction, the company has generated more than $750 million in financing projects. A graduate of the University of Notre Dame, Dan Palmier gives back to his alma mater through his support of the Sorin Society. Established in honor of Edward Frederick Sorin, the founder of the University of Notre Dame, the Sorin Society has generated financial support for the university for nearly four decades. The organization brings together alumni, friends of the university, and parents of students to raise funds for scholarship, student life, and academic programs. Basic membership in the Sorin Society comes with a gift of at least $1,500, while donors achieve “Blue” membership with a donation of $5,000 or more. The highest tier of membership in the Sorin Society is “Gold” membership, which is awarded by the society for a gift of at least $10,000. Society Gold members enjoy a host of premium benefits, including members-only invitations to society events, personal service for tickets and parking for home football games, and premier seats for non-athletic events at the university. Additionally, Gold members receive seat engravings which are subsequently installed at the university’s Purcell Pavilion.

One Fund Boston Aids Victims of Marathon Bombings

Since 2010, Dan Palmier has served as president and CEO of UC Funds LLC, a Boston-based specialty finance lender offering bridge, mezzanine, short-term, and other loan solutions to clients nationwide. As a dedicated Bostonian, Mr. Palmier is a three-time Boston Marathon runner for various charities and philanthropic organizations, and he is a significant contributor to One Fund Boston.

One Fund Boston is a nonprofit organization launched by Massachusetts Governor Deval Patrick and Boston Mayor Thomas M. Menino as a positive response to the Boston Marathon terrorist bombings on April 16, 2013. The purpose of One Fund Boston is to provide ongoing support and service to the survivors of the bombings and their families. In the two months following the attacks, community volunteers and pro-bono professionals collected roughly $61 million in donations, which was quickly distributed to nearly 230 victims of the bombings.

Today, managed by a permanent staff of support specialists and with reserves of nearly $18 million, One Fund Boston offers the survivor community access to legal services, hearing specialists, rehabilitation experts, and a host of physical and psychological therapists striving to heal those affected by the Boston bombing tragedy.

Supporting Equitable Education through The Catholic Schools Foundation

Daniel Palmier managed corporate finance accounts for more than two decades before establishing UC Funds, LLC (formerly UC Funding, LLC), a real estate and asset management firm based in Boston, Massachusetts. As an active patron of The Catholic Schools Foundation, Dan Palmier has been a lifelong supporter of faith-based charity efforts.

Since 1983, The Catholic Schools Foundation has worked to provide opportunities for academic success to families that demonstrate financial need. To this end, the Inner-City Scholarship Fund (ICSF) has been instrumental in demonstrating the value of a higher education and connecting youth to the professional community. To educate children about the importance of future goals, the ICSF Industry Tours Program collaborates with businesses to show the processes behind various industries and to encourage youth to consider future career plans. Guests also connect with students directly through The Speaker’s Bureau, a program whereby volunteers give in-school lectures to share their insight and work experiences. ICSF volunteers can also contribute to community development efforts by assisting schools with need-based activities, including landscaping, cleanup, IT support, and classroom assistance.

To learn more about The Catholic Schools Foundation and volunteer opportunities, visit www.csfboston.org/volunteer.html.

Experts Discuss Future of Housing Finance Reform under New Congress

Daniel (Dan) Palmier leads as president and CEO of UC Funds, LLC, a provider of equity and permanent loan solutions. To stay current in his field, Dan Palmier affiliates with a number of professional organizations, such as the National Multifamily Housing Council (NMHC).

On November 5, the NMHC vice president of capital markets, Dave Borsos, spoke about the future of housing finance following the 2014 midterm elections. Participating on an expert panel at a symposium sponsored by the Urban Institute and CoreLogic, Mr. Borsos provided a comprehensive overview of the financial status of the apartment industry and reviewed issues like flat income growth, affordability, capital availability. He continued by addressing pending regulatory changes aimed at improving the affordable housing market and new housing solutions that may help solve rental demand.

The panel, which also included executives from such firms as Amherst Securities and high-level representatives from government agencies like the Federal Housing Administration, focused on the possible direction of housing finance reform legislation and related issues in the upcoming 114th Congress. Most of the panel participants agreed that despite a new Republican majority in the Senate and further gains in the House, housing finance reform is unlikely to be a pressing issue on the congressional agenda.

A Look at the Edward Frederick Sorin Society of Notre Dame

Daniel (Dan) Palmier serves as the CEO of UC Funds, which received the 2014 American Institute of Architecture (AIA) Maryland Award for its work in obtaining capital for The Lenore property in Baltimore. A Notre Dame graduate, Dan Palmier avidly supports the university’s Sorin Society.

Comprised of alumni, parents, and other benefactors, the Sorin Society raises funding for a variety of the school’s programs, such as financial aid, community service, and academic improvement. Contributions from the society recently enabled Notre Dame to hire two prominent sacred music and liturgy scholars.

Named for Father Edward Frederick Sorin, who founded Notre Dame in 1842, the organization features three tiers of membership, determined by annual donation amounts. Members enjoy a number of benefits, including invitations to football weekend dinners, game-day breakfasts, and select regional events with school faculty. For information on how to join the Sorin Society, visit www.nd.edu and enter the search term “Sorin.”

The History of Our Lady of Fatima Church in New London

CEO Dan Palmier founded UC Funds, LLC, after an extensive career in the financial and real estate industries. Alongside his career, Daniel Palmier supports the work of numerous community groups, including Our Lady of Fatima Church in New London, New Hampshire.

After years when Catholics in New London were only occasionally able to attend Mass in private homes when a traveling priest would visit, Mr. Joseph Bourgeau bought property in 1930 that became the site of the first Our Lady of Fatima parish church. At first, the building he constructed served as an ice cream and candy store on the front while priests celebrated Mass in the back room. Six years later, Our Lady of Fatima became an official mission church of St. Helena's in Enfield.

Our Lady of Fatima remained a mission church until 1952 when Bishop Matthew F. Brady of Manchester established it as its own parish under the direction of Reverend Walter C. Blankenship. At the same time, Friar Archie Lettre began building Immaculate Conception Church, which became a mission of Our Lady of Fatima.

An Overview of Bill Russell's Career as a Celtic

Daniel Palmier has served as chief executive officer with UC Funds, LLC, in Boston for the last five years. An avid Celtics fan and season ticket holder, Daniel Palmier named his company after the 2008 squad’s team mantra of Ubuntu, a South African teamwork proverb.

Since joining the National Basketball Association (NBA) in 1946, the Boston Celtics have fielded some of the greatest athletes ever to play the sport. Red Auerbach, Bob Cousy, and Larry Bird are just three of the 21 players whose numbers have been retired by the Celtics organization. However, few players have impacted the franchise as much as Bill Russell. Russell played 13 years in the NBA between 1956 and 1969, spending each season with Boston. He was named to the NBA All-Star team 12 times as a Celtic and, more importantly, led Boston to 11 NBA titles. He made an additional NBA Finals appearance during his second year in the league, giving him 12 appearances in 13 years.

Russell played center for the Celtics, providing the team with 20 or more rebounds per game in 10 different seasons. While not known for his offensive prowess, Russell averaged more than 15 points per game for his career on an efficient 56 percent shooting percentage. By the end of his playing days, Russell had garnered a number of personal awards, including five league MVP awards. He also led the league in defensive win shares in all but one of his seasons.