Dao Advance Scratch Project

My project is about a stick figure in a dimension, and is trying to go back home

Choosing my Project(1st Entry)

I chose the Advance Scratch Project as my 20% Project.

I chose this project because I want to know more about coding.

I want to learn how people making programs and games.

I would not like to do this for a Career because i'm planning to help my mother's shop.

Intro Research(2nd Entry)

I listed things in bullet points on what to do on my project.

Introduction Research II(3rd Entry)

I learned how to move my character using the arrow keys from Scratch. (Jumping, Left, and right)

Questions Answered(4th Entry)

I Created my starting screen, and a background.

I found out how to not go though platforms, and made the starting screen and levels separate.

(5th-6th Entry)

I have fixed the background, and the only problem i am having is fixing the glitches in my game.

Special Terms(6th-7th Entry)

Some of the special terms that you need to know when coding is:

Looping, Duplicate, Blocks, Animation:

Looping means to repeat over and over again.

Duplicate means to copy and create another.

Blocks mean to make up scripts, which make a project work.

Animation is the frames to make a sprite look like it's moving.

(8th Entry)

Information that i'll need to continue working is, the costumes for my sprites, and how to go to the next level.

(9th Entry)

Today in class, I have learned how to make objects show and hide with the wait of 1 second.

(10th Entry)

I have fixed the problem so that you don't need to click the green flag twice. I have also added hard levels to make this game challenging.

(11th Entry)

Today I have made sprites appear to their correct locations. I have also made color codes for death, teleport, and next level.

(12th Entry)

Today i am trying to fix my 4th level because the teleporting blocks are not acting correctly.

(13th Entry)

Today in class fixed my teleporting blocks, and created my final level. Tomorrow I will finish my entire game.

(14th Entry)

Today i have finished my game and added music from the song artist Kensuke Ushio. I have also added Custom blocks like Movement, Movement Costumes, and Music. All I need to do is to fix most of the glitches in my game, and color my last backdrop.

(15th Entry)

Today i check over my game and played other games in scratch.

(16th Entry)

Today i have tried to fix my jump glitch, but no success.

(17th Entry)

My project is working like i have thought it would have.

I worked everyday on my project to make it work like i want it to, and fixed many bugs within my game.

If my codes don't work i have to take piece by piece off to fix a glitch.

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