Daphne's Interests 😃

My name is Daphne Duran and I love to run.It's my passion. This is one of my favorite running quotes. #curleesclass2015

My idol is Sanya Richards Ross because she is an Olympic medalists and she runs the same running events as me.I hope to be as successful as her one day.

This is one of my favorite songs because it reminds of when i was smaller because i always tried to fit in in my school so i would not be bullied.

My best friends mean the world to me because we do everything together and we can tell each other everything without judging you. Their names are Priscilla,Anahi, and Victoria.

I went to South Carolina, Myrtle Beach for Cross Country Nationals.It was really fun because some of my best friends and i went swimming at the beach,and went on a really awesome ferris wheel!

This is my Instagram. I love Instagram because i love to take photos and share them to my friends . I mostly post stuff that happens in my every day life!

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