mLearning in Elementary

StoryKit App

The StoryKit App allows students to read classic nursery rhymes.  Those with this app can create their own aspects to the story and even create their own end to the story.  This can be done by themselves or with their parents and siblings.

In Language Arts in a kindergarten to grade 4 class this app can be used.  Using the example of a grade 2 class, the teacher will read the nursery rhyme out to the students.  Then each student needs to change the end of the nursery rhyme how they would like.  Then the students will create their own short nursery rhyme with pictures and all.  The same thing can be assigned to be completed with parents at home.

Talking Tom and Ben

Tom and Ben are news anchors.  Students can manipulate the news anchors and talk into their mobile device to have tom and ben repeat what they are saying.

In a grade 4/5 classroom setting when learning current events in Social Studies, students can research the current event of their choice and use Tom and Ben to relay the news story.  The students can also use Google from various countries to get their stand point on these current event.

Google: United Kingdom

Google: Spain

Google: South Africa

A funny example video:


Journal jar gives students an idea of what to write about.  Students shake the journal jar to find a topic or words that they have to write about.  The students can then put it into their blog or write in a notebook.

Students are assigned to shake the journal jar a maximum of 3 times.  In those 3 shakes the student has to choose one to write about.  The students have to write a minimum of 500 words on whatever they were given.  This will happen once a week, at the end of the month the student will choose which one will go into their e-portfolio.  Students can do this either during catch up time in class if they have nothing else to do or they can do it at home.

Motion Math

In Motion Math students have to place the number to where it belongs in the correct order.  This helps students particularly with decimals and integers.

The assignment is to complete a minimum of 1 level on motion math each week.  This can be done  in the classroom or if they were not able to complete the level in the classroom they can take it home.

Grammar Wonderland

Lead your character through adventures and complete tasks practicing nouns, verbs, adjectives, and more.  

Nouns are people, places, and things.  As a group name off as many people places and things.  Once the students name off a few in every category.  The students will then work through the easy noun aspect of the game.  This will continue for verbs and adjectives.

Extra Teacher App

I cam across this app and it is a meter just like a speedometer.  When it gets to a certain point the students know that the classroom is too loud.  This app can be used during independent learning or the time designated for students to catch up on work.  I just thought this was a cute app and kind of nice for someone or something else to tell the kids to quiet down.

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