Darshan Amin

My Character Photo Essay


My computer: my life and my business. The computer is where I spend countless hours doing homework, checking my social networks, reading up on the latest technology and making the big bucks. This is also where I enjoy listening to music and watching countless movies on Netflix.


At first sight, I am one of few words and often come across as shy. However, once you get to know me, you find out that I am very welcoming, EXTREMELY sarcastic and lighthearted. No matter how stressful the situation, I manage to keep calm and composed and often try to make the situation light.


Everyone knows this symbol; it is the Apple logo, the biggest technology giant world wide. It represents my love for both the company and technology. I feel it portrays the fact that Apple delivers quality products and I believe in quality in everything I do. It also represents the friendly image I portray.

Inner Character

I often portray myself as someone who is friendly, laid-back, and caring. Friends and family (like in this picture of most of my male cousins), are always first priority. I am also very laid-back, as was previously stated, however, when the time comes, I am serious about the "problem" at hand. As you can see, I am not very simple, I am in-fact more complex than most people see.

Outer Character

Darshan's outward character is one of someone who seems quiet and rather serious, but if you're lucky, as I often am, you get to see the part of him that is actually rather sarcastic and lighthearted. The truth about Darshan is that he is always thinking and is very caring, and that's what makes him so quiet and "serious".

- Brina Patel