Dash and Dine

Dash and Dine is the premier smartphone app for people on the go!

Have you ever been in a situation where you're crunched for time, but you want to sit down at a restaurant to get some food?  The common reaction to this would be to go from place to place looking for that desired restaurant with a reasonable table wait time. In this situation, there are two options: you get to go to the restaurant you want, but the wait is too long, or you end up at the local fast food drive thru in order to save time. Now doesn't it seem like there would be a better way to solve this problem?

The team of Frank Dettore Schenkelberg, Alex Middleton, and Anthony Fragapane has created a solution to the problem, the smartphone app, Dash and Dine!

Dash and Dine is a smartphone app available for both the iPhone and Android market that provides a solution to the previously stated problem. Dash and Dine will allow users to see current restaurant wait times in their current area right from their smart phone. The app will show users current wait times for the restaurant.

Additionally the app will contain average wait times for that time of the day if a user-entered time is unavailable. This will ensure users get a pretty accurate time that will allow them to make an educated decision rather than a guess on whether to go to a restaurant.

The restaurant wait times for "Dash and Dine" are completely consumer driven. For example, a man goes to Longhorn Steakhouse and finds a 25 minute wait. He would then enter that time into his Dash and Dine app and all other users will then see that 25 minute wait time for that specific restaurant.

This app allows users to be able to see the wait times of restaurants in the area so they are not faced with the problem of having to decide whether to eat at a restaurant upon arrival. This allows users to use their time more efficiently and saves them time and stress.

Dash and Dine will be free of cost to users so everyone should be using this app in the not-so-far-away future!

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